Saturday, September 8, 2007

New York Fashion Week and some Rockin Bloggers

Wow, I have been nominated for a Rockin' Blogger Award by Cris Lazerou of Uber Chic. Thanks girl, you made my day. Soo...drumroll are the lucky bloggers that I am nominating.

1. Pearls and Pants- because she has this great fashion sense and is one of the first blogs I have ever read.

2. Memily Edd of Cupcakes for the Weird and Wonderful- because I love all of the pictures that she posts.

3. Plain Jayne- because I like how she knows about upcoming films and I love how she writes.

4. Shopaholic- because she was my very first reader.

5. Coco's Tea Party- because I am addicted to her Hits and Misses of the Week.

On to the post...

New York Fashion Week. The first of four fashion weeks alll over the world. Usually, these are the big name american designers, that everybody goes for. Ok, so these are a few of my favorite designers and what I think of them. Enjoy the post!

If you are a regular reader, you'll know that I did a post on Marchesa a few weeks ago. Well, for this season, they did not disapoint. As always, their dresses are elegant and have a touch of whimsy. My favorite piece would probably be the black and gold shift dress at the bottom.

Vera Wang:

Of course, Vera Wang is beautiful. She makes the most glamorous floaty dresses that anyone would just die to wear. I love all the shiny grey fabrics that she used to give a nice sporty punch to everything. I thought some pieces of the collection were really weird, but overall, I liked the collection.


I have to say I was a little disapointed by Mr. Thakoon. I thought that the models looked weird. I hate their hair. It looked like they just rolled outof bed. I really liked the green and blue patterned dress, and that was probably it. I really liked his spring collection from a year ago, that was awesome. I think he kind of missed the mark for spring 08 though, so I eagerly await his fall collection.


This collection was breathtaking. It was all done in white, and a rich light purple, and pale greens. It all had this great billowing silhouette. I liked the simplicity of it all. In my opinion, I think that simplicity is timeless elegance. Doo.Ri did a great job capturing that elegance.


I thought that this was a really interesting collection. They cinched the waist on almost every piece in the show, So, in doing that, they kind of created a new silhouette. I like how they put a belt over a unbuttoned chunky sweater. It made it look a lot more polished. I also love all the pieces with the big gold buttons, like the dress at the top. I think that the designers are very creative and have a real vision.


-S said...

i loved marchesa. they bring such a fresh look into the fashion world.

jackie ♥ said...

great pictures! especially love the proenza line.


Anonymous said...

hey thanks for nominating me! i've already been nominated before and i adressed it in my last post, so i won't be posting my own list, but i definitely appreciate the compliment :)

actually i love that green/blue thakoon dress, looks like a really fun sundress

and proenza is definitely intriguing

btw, this is so delayed, but do you wanna trade links?

the red monster said...

love all the pics check out my blog please done some renavations! =)

Broadwaycutie said...

So this sounds stupid I no but how does rockin blogger work? m still figuring it out!

Mrs Fashion said...

Love your picks!

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

i love the Vera Wang show
and thank you for nominating me!!!
and i think ur best bet for subscribing is to go on there website where you can get to by clicking on the link on my blog

fashionistakay said...

congrats on your nomination. the marchesa gowns are glorious.they're like these fairytale dresses but at the same time realistic to wear. not sure how 2 explain it.
p.s.check out my new post

Carolina Lange said...

I love Vera Wang and Marchesa!

Cris Lazoru said...

Loved Marchesa and Doo.Ri. Great picks all of them!


Jennifer said...

I absolutely love the first set of dresses!

Diana Coronado said...

Absolutely lovely all these !!