Thursday, May 10, 2007

Who is your cool blog author?

I was thinking the other day in French class about things other than the past tense of verbs, and I realized that you guys know nothing about me other than I like fashion and I have a blog. So, here is a list of random things about me that I feel you guys should know. Here goes...

1. I live in a REALLY small town in Florida. I have to commute every day to school for about 1 hour to the lovely cultured town of Winter Park. It's not so fun to wake up at 5:30 am, but it's good to get a good education.
2. I have crazy red wavy hair that I tame with Herbal Essences' Totally Twisted mousse. I wish I had soft, shiny straight hair.
3. I love to collage. Any cool picture or ad I see in a magazine, I put on my wall.
4. Writing is a great passion of mine. Ever since fifth grade, English has always been my favorite subject. I really want to win the English award that my school is handing out next week. I dream of being a journalist in a bustling city.
5. I am a soccer player. I play forward on my school's Girl's Varsity team.
6. I am an actress. At the beginning of the year, I was really REALLY nervous about taking drama as my elective, but as I came out of my shell, I realized how much I loved.
7. I love music. Not like playing instruments kind of music. I like finding new bands to put on my iPod, and I love just laying on my bed listening to music. It makes me soo happy.
8. I want to travel the world. I plan to see alot of it before I die.
9. I like to dance. Swing dancing, ballroom, salsa, you name it I've done it- and had a blast with it.
10. I LOVE HARRY POTTER! I know it's soooo nerdy, but I get so hooked on them once I start reading. They're sooo good!
11. I think that cookie dough tastes better than the actual cookie.
12. I view life as the glass is half full.
13. I strongly believe that eating some chocolate and buying something nice will fix all of your problems.
14. I am the biggest klutz you will ever meet. I trip over my big toe and fall down the stairs in my house! No joke...
15. I hate math. Enough said.
16. I think that vegetarians sometimes eat a big-mac or two.
17. I wear ties as belts. I typically wear a vintage red Hermes tie that I inherited from my grandfather. I'm looking into some Lilly Pulitzer ones...
18. I'm bad at saving money. It's not my fault that these clothes are only there for 1 season!

Ok.. I think that's enough said. Sorry to bore you with my dull and uninteresting life. I'm really happy and excited right now b/c the Spring Formal is on saturday (2 days!!!) and my best friend's birthday is coming up this weekend too. And.. there's only 2 WEEKS LEFT IN THE SCHOOL YEAR... ahhh... summer is so close... Well I hope that this post helped you to get to know me a little better. I'll post at ya later.


The Redheaded Bandit said...

I don't think it is nerdy that you read Harry Potter, that is AWESOME!!!!!! And by the way math STINKS!

Lama Drama said...

i love harry potter with a sick passion haha...and i love soccer too, but im not that good! great blog!

Mrs Fashion said...

Good luck with the award! You so should win!!
Mrs F x

Iheartfashion said...

Great blog! I love Harry Potter too, and have untameable curly hair, but unfortunately not red.

Elle said...

your added!

-ciao bella- said...

fellow klutz... wish i could say fellow actress.

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

i will link you too

Tru said... many of those things are true for me too. lol ad say which ones but there were too many and I'm too lazy to go back and look, oh wiat I can but numbers okay so true for me are numbers: 1. I have to wake up a little after 5:30 every morining for school as well b/c school starts at 7:15 here (no one should ahve to integrate that early in the morining).....2, 3 (love to write/want to be a journalist), 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, and 13

Dilemma said...

Ugh, I loathe math too. So much so, that I think it should die in a fire. And hoorah for Harry Potter fans!

T.bone Gal said...

I love you, Moose!
4 one, you love writing- so do I! I am currently balancing a bunch of writing contests on my shoulders and hoping to send off one today!
Next, you like drama! I do too! I am going to be in the church VBS skit this summer, playing "the boss" on a crew ship. That'll be fun.
I detest math! Whatever else can I say about it? I try to get up at six in the morning to get it done first. Get it over with.
I am such a klutz. My Crocs (totally cool!) will stick to the floor and fling me foward onto my face- spilling the eggs all over the Publix floor- no joke.
I bang my t.bone on my cheek bone in class, hit the saxaphone's stand in front of me, and just trip over air randomly.
We gotta talk.
Call me!

muze1990 said...

#3,4, 11, especially 15 and 18 we have in common :P. And my schoolyear is almost over too, next week I'm doing exams and then it's vacation!!!