Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blurt About Life

I am so sorry I have not posted in a while. I have been crazy busy with school and the spring formal. Saturday was the spring dance and it was soooo much fun.
I wore: Strapless Turqouise Floor-Length Gown
Gold Gladiator Sandals
funky turquoise glass bead necklace and earrings
curly hair
It was my favorite dance of the year, and they played really good music, which is good because at the Valentine's Dance the music was el-lamo. They played Sweet Escape and Wind it Up by the amazing Gwen Stefani, Nelly Furtado,Hellogoodbye,U2,Maroon 5,James Blunt...etc. We had it in this really nice country club in Winter Park and we had all of our lovely pictures taken on the freshly mowed, green golf course. According to school tradition, the Juniors out it on to honor the seniors. They put on a special slideshow for them. Then we toasted to all of them. It was really really cool.
On a different note... Auditions for next year's play are happening on Thursday. We're planning on performing The Importance of Being Earnest. I'm glad because I absolutely love that play. It's a whole bunch of witty British people caught up in some drama. Plus, it's written by Oscar Wilde, so it's genius.
Oh and if you guys get the chance go to Target and see their new GO collection. It's very Grecian and Mediterranean. They have some cool patterns on dresses that are kind of different.
Now I must leave you my dear fellow bloggers, post at you later.


The Redheaded Bandit said...

your dress sounds really pretty. wish i could see it. also,what do you want to be in the play? it would be a lot of fun to act that story out.

T.bone Gal said...

Can you send me a pic of your outfit?? See you tonight (maybe).
Oh, I wanna be @target now, and not doing homework!

the lipstick lady said...

your outfit sounds absolutely gorgeous, we just don't have dances here in england. well, unless you go to a really posh school and you have balls where you waltz and drink champagne. but that's just lame

sara said...

Dance sounded really fun
you should post your dress, and pics
I saw the new GO line at Target, it's pretty cute and since there was a new line, I got super cute white pants by Proenza Schouler for only 8 bucks on clearance. I heart Target.

x sara o

Angela said...

Oh my gosh, i totally agree with you, the dance was amazing!!!!! And you looked very beautiful. I hope you get the part you want for the play. See you tomorrow at school, for our pancake breakfast and yearbook signing!!!!
Luv ya.

the lipstick lady said...

the headphones are like having duvets that make music on your ears. they are comfier than my bed. I'm not kidding!

-ciao bella- said...

sounded like you had a great time at the dance- post pics! i'm dying to see the dress after you described that oufit!

Mrs Fashion said...

Yeah - your outfit sounds very cool!
Good luck with the auditions...
Mrs F x

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

ooo i really really want some gladiator sandels urs sound really kl!