Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Valentino: The King of Glamour

I have been divinely inspired to do a post about the great and fabulous deigner Valentino. I know that his huge 45th anniversary extravaganza is behind us, but I still wanted to showcase this man's talent. He has been known to make clothes for every type of woman. Skeptical, I logged on to style.com and looked at his fall ready to wear couture collection. I was floored. He really does make clothes for every type of person. Here are some looks that I love:

Here is an evening gown for the girl who loves pink, is very chic, but likes an interesting touch like the gradually growing blooms of the dress.

This is for the girl who likes traditional,vintagey styles, but with an edge, like the pink feathers. I call it the boa hem.

Naturally, every woman can wear a little black dress.

Of course, where would Valentino be without his glamourous red evening gowns?

This just goes to show that he can make clothes for every type of woman. A little over the top, but still eclectic and fun.

A show stopping silvery dress. This looks like something that Anna Wintour would wear.

Well that was Valentino, hope you enjoyed the post. I'm so glad to be back at my blog. I missed you guys, and all of your amazing blogs!


Alison said...

Valentino is amazing! The first pink dress is fantastic and I love how the collection is so varied, instead of just doing the same look over and over again like some designers

Aisha said...

I love the second dress with feather in the bottom. Sooo pretty!

miss fashion said...

isnt valentino so classic
i love the first 2 pieces!

Diana Coronado said...

I knew it !! It's valentino

Emilee Arnold said...

I love your blog! Uber-Awesome! OH! I adore Valentino! He makes such wondorous clothes!

much love,


fashionistakay said...

What creatvity and imagination Valentino has-which makes a good designer of course! The first 2 dresses are great!

Cris Lazoru said...

I adored everything Valentino this season, great picks!