Thursday, May 24, 2007

Urban Outfitters

I wish I never heard the name. I wish I never saw those attractive window displays. I wish I never opened up the computer to go on the internet. I wish I never clicked on the link. I wish I never looked at all of this wonderful and fabulous clothing. I love love love Urban Outfitters, but it is so darn expensive for some of the stuff it sells. It makes me very thankful that a store like Forever 21 exists. Even so, I still chose some things on UO's website that I wouldn't mind were in my closet.
The Skirts:

Button Front Skirt $35

Pastel Mini $48

Technicolor Mini $48

Pleated Skirt $35

The Bags:

Quilted Tote $38

Quilted Clutch $18

The Dresses:

Tie Dye Slip $38 I think that this would make a really cute swim cover up for when you walk down to the beach from the hotel.

Lux Dress $58. I love this dress. It's just so GLAMOROUS.

Tube Dress $98 Oh this hurts me so... it's so cute. I just adore the color. But I'm just not willing to break the bank for it.

The Shoes:

French Twist Sandal $38 These are co cute and would look great under dresses or skirts.

Dolce Vita Shine On Shoes $68

Mae Heel $90

Flocked Canvas Painted Heel $135

Oh Deer! Capri Thong $115


Tru said...

I agree it is too friend loves shopping there and Free People and I'm just in shock that she'll pay over a $100 for a plain summer dress

Moose on the Loose said...

$100 for a dress from Free People??? No way! I'm so with you tru!

ashley heaton said...

wow, i love all the clothes you posted, so cute.

Miss V. said...

Urban Outfitters has some good stuff, but I like Topshop better.

hill said...

the colors of every piece are incredible. even if its the cutest cut, a bad color ruins it. love it all darling!

Pretty In Black said...

I wish I'd never discovered UO too. I fall in love with they're Urban Renewal cowboy boots and pricey band tees every time.

molly said...

as a hippie-lover, i adore that tie-dye dress

Cris Lazoru said...

I adore Urban Outfitters! But I do like TopShop better too, but just a tad really. And I love this blog, I'm putting you on my link list.


Dilemma said...

Mmm I'm a shameless Urban addict too! Except that the shoes always fall apart on me within 4/5 wears, and that breaks my heart. :\

coco said...

the top skirt is cute

Emma said...

DITTO. I wish I didn't know it existed, because I find myself getting sucked into the hipster-vacuum that is UO far too often.

Anonymous said...

I love it, wish it were my closet but have to admit the quality of much of what they sell doesn't hold up. Great for pre-inspiration before heading to forever 21. UO does have GREAT sales, though.

.m. said...

i know i LOVE UO! and am desperately searching for the white quilted tote up here, it's not too pricey...rite? (i need reassurance here!)
but yeah, we are finally getting a forever 21 in toronto! YEAH! i can finally see what all the fuss is about!