Wednesday, May 2, 2007

JCrew Weddings and Parties

I was chilling in my room with nothing to do, when I realized that I hadn't yet cracked my J. Crew catalogue. Have any of you seen it? It is sooo cute (well it's jcrew, how could it not be?). They have so many fabulous dresses and ballet flats. But what I really like is their weddings and parties collections. They have long and short bridesmaid gowns, bridal gowns, and shoes. I really like the kelly green and the peacock blue ones. They had a short strapless yellow dress for $280. It's soo cute but a) it's out of my price range and b) I have nowhere to wear it b/c my school doesn't have prom, just a spring formal. It waqs in the April Teen Vogue if you wanna see it. I'm sorry I have no pictures, I couldn't find it on their website.
On a different note... the Spring Dance is coming up and I'm not quite sure what to wear. I found a floor length, strapless, turquoise dress. It was $30 at Ross. Is the cinderella look over-rated and tacky? Or is it elegant and chic?


Tru said...

if you like the dress....go ahead and wear it that's all that matters

Alison said...

jcrew is like the cutest cuteness ever. or something.
i'd love to exchange links, your blog is ah-mazing

sara said...

I love Jcrew, but they are really expensive
for the dress, I think I might have to see a picture before I decide.
*Hope my Europe comment helped(below)

x sara o

London Fashion Girl said...

i have linked you to my blog as well.

Fashionyou's Molly said...

Sure i would love to exchange links!!
Amazing blog :)

-ciao bella- said...

love jcrew! i agree that some of their stuff is pretty $$$ but they put such a great twist on all the necessary basics that we all need! and as for the dress- i'm kind of a visual person...picture perhaps?

coco said...

do jcrew do clothes in the uk?
id love to see some scans if you have any